Document Management System

Slide ES DMS

Drawing and document management software that’s built for construction and engineering.

Drawings, contracts, reports, schedules, tenders etc. in any form of file (for example, pdf, doc, excel, jpg)—they’ve all got to move quickly and efficiently between all stakeholder.

If you work in real time with multiple parties on complex one or more projects. You need ES DMS drawing and document management software that is built for the industry and designed to make your projects more successful and cost effective.


Advantages of ES DMS

Easy control on data, reduce dependency on emails or FTP site usage

Bring the entire project team including clients and vendors together in a real-time, online construction project management environment with a proven construction management solution

Reduce project cost, schedule, risk and exposure by enabling teams to collaborate on the critical information required to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Manage all your construction data from the field to the office, clients to vendors

Bring extended project teams together across geographical locations, in online and offline environments, and across desktop, browser and mobile technology and devices.

Data saved in secure server

Smart and real time correspondence- No need to depends on email communication

Very cost effective and easy to operate for all stake holders at Microsoft platform

Notification trigger to notify any update of files and drawings, Reminder trigger if the file is not looked at or downloaded within 72 hours

No data lost in email communications, No need to go through cumbersome FTP file sharing

No missing data…. ever

ES DMS SEARCHQuick search facility on stored documents

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